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Liberal Celebrities Are Helping Trump

Liberal celebrities are helping Donald Trump with the 2020 presidential election. Yes, you read right, helping him. Shh, don’t tell them that though. Let them continue secretly boosting Trump’s voting numbers. The look on their faces when he gets re-elected for a second term will be priceless.  A long list of Hollywood celebrities have come…

Trump Will Win. The Media Will Freak. Pollsters Will Go Out Of Business.

Look up the 2020 presidential campaign fundraising right now, on google, and scroll through the first four articles. You will see NPR mention “Biden’s big cash lead over Trump,” or the New York Times claim Trump is “strapped for cash,” or even Washington Square Post declare that “Biden has surged ahead of Trump in donors.” …

Joe Biden: A Walking Contradiction

Joe Biden’s facade cracked during last night’s debate. It started coming apart at the seams a long time ago, but last night Joe fully shattered. The media is scrambling to repair his image, but the damage is done. Meanwhile, Trump holds steady after four years of stormy weather, armed with facts and the American dream. …

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Red Post was started by a conservative screenwriter in Hollywood after he realized the liberal control of entertainment has gone too far. He is choosing to remain anonymous, because if his peers find out he is conservative he would lose his job. Hopefully, through Red Post, he can build up a strong wave of conservative voices in the entertainment industry. Follow us on twitter!