Trump Takes On Kristen Welker Tonight

Trump just can’t get a break. No matter what he does, he fights against his opponents and the media simultaneously. It must be exhausting trying to uphold a positive public image when so many networks, newscasters, and show hosts are out to ruin his whole career.

Tonight, Thursday October 22, is no different. It’s the night of the last presidential debate in the 2020 election, which should be good news. For Trump, it just means another two-on-one assault with loaded questions and insults.

The host is Kristen Welker, who comes from a long line of democrat donors. When called out for it by Trump and Newt Gingrich, she deleted her social media accounts to erase online evidence of supporting Joe Biden. 

News sites like USA Today and Daily Beast then decided to make her the victim. USA Today claims that Kristen Welker is bullied by Republicans for being a woman, since clearly all Republicans are sexist, and that she was chosen fair and square. The Daily Beast says Welker is the “latest strong black woman Donald Trump can’t handle.”   

Donald Trump can handle Kristen Welker, but he might not be able to handle the unfair onslaught from everywhere else. Welker was chosen fair and square, by a group that is trying to remove Trump from office. She is not a “moderate” like the commission for presidential debates claims. She is a democrat, just like Chris Wallace.   

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 29. Hosted by Chris Wallace.

Chris Wallace, a registered democrat with obvious leftist bias, called Trump out four times on topics such as police reform, white supremacists, COVID-19, and the state of the country in the first presidential debate of 2020. Biden was handed a pass to easy street, and was never attacked, berated, or forced to denounce any of his followers. Then the news claimed Trump was the rude one because…

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